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About Us

Welcome to Jailhouse Coffees

The legacy

Jailhouse Coffee is craft roasted in small batches in Queens, New York. Legend has it that the roastery is built on the site of an 18th century jailhouse. There are no records confirming this, however it is our story and we are sticking to it. Actually, there is a 'big house' just near the roastery.

At Jailhouse Coffee, we use only the highest quality specialty beans from around the world ( including organic and fair trade blends ) and roast them to order. We then pack our beans while warm, ensuring the freshest cup of coffee. ... MAKE A BREAK FOR IT...

Break out the blends

Jailhouse is proud of its diversity. We have roasts which are known for their subtle sweetness, others delicate and nuanced. We also have full bodied, big tasting roasts, dark and syrupy, low acidity, sweet and smokey, round rich crema, all the way to silky smooth and chocolatey!

We include Organic and Decaffeinated and Fair Trade Certified coffees in our line up. Kosher Certified of course, as well as our new certified Demeter Biodynamic roast.

Our coffee is sold in bags; both ground and whole bean

Become a reseller

Unleash a Bold Business Opportunity

Join us as a reseller for a revolutionary organic coffee brand and fuel success with every cup.

Global Reach

Resellers are welcome from anywhere in the world, expanding our organic coffee revolution globally.

Marketing Boost

Enjoy robust marketing support, empowering your business with the tools needed to thrive.

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