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Jailhouse Coffees takes pride in offering a diverse and captivating range of coffee blends designed to satisfy a spectrum of tastes.

  1. Safe House Blend: Subtle sweetness and comforting balance.

  2. Good Behavior Roast: Delicate, nuanced finesse.

  3. Great Escape Blend:
    Round, rich crema with balanced sweetness.

  4. Sumatra Breakout Roast: Full-bodied, dark and syrupy, low acidity.

  5. Jailbird Organic Dark Roast: Silky smooth, chocolatey rebellion.

We trade directly with growers whenever possible

Our roasts vary, offering everything from light and nuanced to dark and full-bodied options.

All our coffees are certified USDA organic

Yes, we are committed to ethical practices and proudly offer Fair Trade Certified coffees.

Yes, we strive to accommodate various dietary preferences and hold Ou Kosher certification

Both! Our coffee is available in ground and whole bean options to suit your brewing preferences.

Absolutely! We welcome resellers globally. Feel free to check our “Become a Reseller” section for more details.

You can reach our customer support team through the contact information provided on our website or drop us an email at

Yes, we occasionally run promotions and have a loyalty program. Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates and coupons


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